“My family and I have been going to Dr. Naterwalla’s Clinic for all our dental needs for over 35 years. What has impressed us most is his ability to attend to all our problems – big or small – with the same personal attention. His concern for hygiene, his ability to draw on specialists when required and being available for emergencies make you feel assured under his care. Most importantly, he has never put “money” above his patients and dealt with issues with a sense of humour.”

Mr. Sunil Alagh


My name is Hemali, and I have had terribly crooked teeth all my life (I sound like an alcoholic making a confession). I had excepted that this is how I  would look till my dying day! Over the years, I had of course contemplated corrective dental treatment several times but always put it off citing some excuse or the other. I am in my 30's now and at this stage in life I was not going to start wearing braces.... so that was that. But my visit to the Naterwalla clinic for a cavity filling changed my mind set.

Dr Cyrus convinced me that it was something that I must consider not only for cosmetic reasons but more importantly for dental and hygiene reasons. He gently suggested this a few times (I had several cavities that needed filling) which made me re-consider my decision. I met with Dr Cyrus and the orthodontist and they made me feel extremely comfortable and patiently explained the procedure step by step to me (in simple english). The braces they finally fit in were invisible as vanity was necessary in my line of work. They were  relatively painless once you got used to it. Being the pessimist I am, I only did my top teeth first so that I could see whether it changed my face and/or looked different.

Dr Cyrus kept assuring me that it would change the way I looked and 1 year later when they came off it was like magic!! I look different and even my close friends and family say that! More importantly I feel 10 times more confident of myself and now I actually smile in photographs. Needless to say I went ahead and did my lower teeth too and 2 years and several appointments later I am a new slightly older but much more confident me!

All thanks to Dr Cyrus and his wonderful team.

Hemali Mehta
Advertising Director - Vogue Magazine



"I was very much pleased with Mr. Naterwalla's efficiency, punctuality, kindness, knowledge about his services and not to mention their sweet welcoming, positive attitude, and hygiene"

Vida Samadzai - Actor