Emphasis on Quality And Infection Control

The Naterwalla Dental Clinic places a very high emphasis on Infection Control. Nowadays, there are a large number of highly communicable diseases which can be easily transmitted from patient to patient in a Dental Office. Hepatitis B, HIV and upper respiratory tract infections can be contracted in a Dental Office if proper infection control measures are not followed. Sadly, in India there is no governing body to enforce these features and therefore a lot of the Dental Clinics do not follow proper infection control, to the detriment of the patient.

Naterwalla Dental Clinic ensures patient protection as its highest priority and therefore we make no compromises when it comes to your health. As our endeavor in maintaining the highest sanitation and hygiene, our clinic observes the following infection control measures:

  • Use of fully disposable paper cups, instrument trays, suction tips and gloves which are discarded after each patient.
  • Use of barrier techniques like face masks and gloves for the doctors and the assistants.
  • Dental Instruments which thoroughly sterilized by Ultrasonic Cleaners, Dry Heat Sterilizer and Autoclave to ensure total sterilization. Autoclaving is essential to remove all the bacteria and their spores but not a lot of clinics possess an Autoclave.
  • Use of Gamma Irradiated needles which is the most effective form of sterilizing needles. Each box of needles has a dot that changes colour after sterilization to indicate that the process has been successfully completed.


The Dental Unit itself has the following infection control measures :-

  • Anti-Retraction Valving – to prevent suck back of oral fluids into the Handpiece tubing and hence prevent cross contamination between patients
  • Handpiece Flush System – flushing of the Handpieces with water in between each patient to prevent aerosols
  • Clean Water Bottle System – use of Aquaguard Water and not community water